Mano Job - Cecelia Taylor


Cecelia Taylor - Beat Off The Creeps
Released: June 18, 2021

The minute Cecelia Taylor turned 18, she got a job. Her very first job. Since Cecelia is a self-proclaimed "porn freak", why not go to the local adult book store and put in an application? Cecelia's excitement about being hired was soon overshadowed by the fact that it's "just work". And not all that easy. One thing Cecelia did like about working at the store -- whether or not she'd actually admit it -- were the regulars: "perverts and creeps" who really misbehaved once they saw a cute girl behind the counter. What's this all lead up to? Well, in addition to jerking off the creeps, Cecelia got fired...and walked home after her last shift. Walked home "fully loaded". I think you know what I mean. Enjoy my brother!


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